Here’s what you should know about Sarah Hyland’s latest role as co-founder of a health and beauty supplements brand.

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Wellness is an important part of every person's life and health. A fortunate shift in today's healthcare paradigm is that people are more invested in taking measures at an individual level to improve and maintain their health and wellness. This influence might have been brought about by the involvement that various prominent personalities are showing in the niche.

Various brands are putting celebrities at the upfront of their campaigns and drawing people through their influence. When this is done on the premises of promoting health and betterment, we really can't complain. Sarah Hyland is one such well-known persona who has recently embarked on the health and beauty wagon, not just as a promoter but as a co-founder! If you're intrigued and want to know further about this recent development, then read on.

Why has Sarah Hyland decided to get involved in health and wellness?

Sarah Hyland is generally praised and loved for her role in the hit comedy Modern Family, but off-screen, her life has been lesser on the funny side and more on the tragic one. As young as twenty-one, she received a kidney transplant, which was later on refused by her body over a period of four years. She had to go through dialysis before receiving another transplant; both came from her immediate family.

According to the actress, she had twenty-seven years of her life marked by chronic pain and frequent hospitalizations. The toll on her body also taxed her mental health, because of which she suffered from depression for a long period of time. This multi-faceted struggle created an appreciation for health and wellness in her, and soon enough, she became a creative director for the wellness brand Source, where she decided to take health and beauty hand in hand.

Despite her heavy involvement in the brand, an interesting fact about this is that Hyland did not create it from scratch. Instead, the original founders of Sourse are Jenne Moore and Andrew Remlinger, a former digital marketer and a former investment banker, respectively. Sarah Hyland was first introduced to the concept and products when a batch of samples was sent to her back in 2020. After that, she couldn’t help but dive right in.

During the course of eight months, she worked dedicatedly and hands-on with the other co-founders to create two newer products for the general line: dark chocolate bite-sized delicacies that contained biotin and saffron and vitamin D-infused stress-reducers. Both products were labelled beauty bites and mood bites accordingly. Since then, the venture has been gaining more and more attention and being promoted by Hyland across a variety of platforms.

sarah hyland health supplements

What is Sourse about, and what makes it different?

In an age of social media and aesthetics, knowing that regular supplements and health-enhancing edibles aren’t that new or appealing and moving beyond it is an important piece of knowledge to create something new. The founders of Sourse used exactly this idea of innovation to bring to the front a delicious and exciting way to fulfil nutritional needs.

Sourse provides a range of skin, nail, and hair-friendly vitamins infused chocolates, as well as mood and immunity-boosting supplements as sweet treats too! Not to mention that these are also vegan and free from all sorts of processed or harmful ingredients. All they really are is an interesting and enjoyable way to take supplements that are good for both your physical and mental health.

Hyland herself is very much invested in what Source is all about. She details her own health struggles by mentioning that prior to starting the Source supplements herself, she was forced to take an unimaginable amount of pills per day, and now she can cut back on many and instead enjoy them as a delicious treat before calling it a day.

The fact that Sourse focuses on the provision of essential everyday vitamins like B-complex and D3 to work on countering stress, regulating cortisol, and simultaneously enhancing physiological and aesthetic health is an ode to how diligently it avoids the use of any manufactured, processed or harmful ingredients.

Are factors like affordability and accessibility accounted for?

The best part about Sourse, apart from its delicious taste, of course, is that it offers a monthly supply that caters to the exact quantity of nutrition one might require across the course of 30 days. This is availed through a subscription that costs between thirty dollars! This would basically translate as a dollar per day to obtain the necessary nutrients needed for one's health and wellness.

sarah hyland health supplements

Availing of the subscription package not only accounts for savings but also ensures that the supplemental products are delivered to one's doorstep each month. Subscriptions are a great way to encourage routine, structure and regularity. With zip-lock packaging that ensures freshness and easy usage, it is evident that Hyland has put in a lot of intention and effort into the health-focused brand that Sourse is.

This easily available package falls in an easily affordable price range, and this is worth noting because most of the endeavours supported by celebrities are looked down upon because of their outrageous prices and subpar deliveries. Hyland's venture, on the other hand, offers a wonderful new way to incorporate vitamins into our everyday life while also taking care of our mental health in the process, marked by great taste, appreciated innovation, and thorough involvement.

What’s the verdict?

Sarah Hyland has a beloved presence not only on TV but also off of it. Her compassion towards illness and the importance of health is evident in the journey that she herself has gone through. It is extremely refreshing to see a celebrity be involved in the creation of wellness products that aren't rip-offs or a scheme to gather more money from lesser quality. Ventures such as Sourse are an actually thought-out way of making sure that people are more involved in their health and enjoy doing so as well.

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