A New Era: Social Media Nursing

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The sizeable impact that social media has delivered across all aspects of life is unparalleled and, frankly, undeniable as well. From food and hospitality to travelling and art, there is little to no premise of tangible and intangible life that social media is not a part of. The healthcare sector, particularly nursing, is also surprisingly not immune to the ripples of social media. It has, in fact, very much embarked on the wagon of exposure that social media offers.

Of course, naturally, you might wonder just how social media and nursing fit with one another. This scepticism probably arises from the informal image that social media has as a presence, but the truth is that the niche of social media is broader than we think. If you’ve come across the terms of social media and nursing strung together and have had your curiosity piqued, read further to find everything about it.

What is social media nursing?

Social media nursing is largely being used to refer to the exposure that various healthcare workers in the nursing domain are obtaining through the use of social platforms. Social media has created space for the raw human factor of healthcare to break through and allow nurses to share their experiences, expertise, and knowledge and expand their outreach as well.

It is hard to imagine why nursing as a field would depend on this kind of exposure. However, in recent times a surprising side of positivity in terms of nursing and social media has shown itself. Nurses are more open to the idea of utilizing the power of social media platforms to pass on their message and share their side of the story.

Social media is great at creating communities.

Whether you’ve personally had a great experience with social media or not, it’s hard to look over the fact that it allows access for people of similar circumstances to come together. This affinity for communities is great for nursing practitioners who can share experiences, seek support, and create a learning environment for themselves and others.

Social Media Nursing

Nursing communities are also an incredibly helpful space for patients with certain conditions who might benefit immensely from the simple presence of social support, be it in virtual ways. In more ways than one, this presence of online communities and the support they bring to the table is what makes the sphere of social media nursing such a success.

Social media is the most accessible way for networking.

Nursing as a profession is very much dependent on contemporary information and changing trends, which is why networking is as important for nurses as it is for other professionals and creators. Nurses require interaction with one another and exposure to professionals to refine and improve their professional and ethical skill-set, in addition to having access to certain resources through association.

Many reputed organizations such as the FDA, CDC, and even the American Association of Nurses have a solid social media presence where they provide and post informative articles, research, and trends that follow the development and changes in nursing practices. This allows more room for connection and discussions that further expand on newer discoveries.

Social media is an effective and open way to generate awareness.

Often in healthcare circles, many professional difficulties predominate in the lives and duties of nurses. Through social media initiatives such as blogging, interactive channels, and content production, nurses are able to share the details of their work life in a relaxed way that can help gain exposure for and address a particular problem.

For instance, during the coronavirus pandemic, the dedicated and remarkable contribution of nurses and other healthcare workers was ceremoniously appreciated through its circulation across social media platforms. Laymen were able to understand and respect that unending dedication and brand nurses as heroes because of the awareness content put on social media had garnered.

Social media makes waves.

By now, it's clear as day that social media is remarkably powerful. Among its power lies the special ability to start a conversation, something that keeps building and expanding. In recent times, discussions about affordable healthcare and other benefitting possibilities of national importance in the field of nursing have been initiated through social media platforms.

Social Media Nursing

Social media also eradicates the boundaries of international interaction. Changes and healthcare conversations ongoing in one country are monitored and can be inspiring to create similar breakthroughs in other areas of the world. Social media is especially distinct in this regard and has been the source of many initiatives in nursing that would not have been possible otherwise.

But is it all positive?

Like most things in life, social media also evidently has a consequential side to it. When nurses utilize social media as an exposure tool, there is a lot of ethical and professional responsibility that goes with it. Since things put on social media platforms technically become permanent when others come across content, there is a lot of risk concerning what is shared and how.

For instance, sharing patient information in an effort to reach out for support can be dangerous if certain details are not omitted accordingly. Similarly, sharing hospital policies as well as shift details can also cause misuse of information by providing exposure to those unconcerned. In an age where exploitation of private details comes about in surprising ways.

Moreover, information on social media is not always accurate and filtered. Strives for exposure and popularity can often result in the putting out of instances that are incorrect and harmful. In the context of nursing, this is especially dangerous because people rely on healthcare workers to aid them with facts and figures that are realistic and informational.

What’s the verdict?

The era of social media nursing is certainly interesting, and a great way to bring a more relaxed approach to networking and sharing information. If used responsibly within the premises of required confidentiality and respect for the patient-nurse relationship, there is no harm to harnessing the power of social media for a profession that is based on the purpose of goodness, betterment and help.

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